Top 10 Signs You Need A New Bra

Published: 18th July 2008
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Most women don't look forward to shopping for a bra. There are many reasons why it is not the most pleasant task in the world to most women. It requires time and patience to find the bra that will fit correctly and they can be really expensive. Here are a few of the signs that you are probably in need of a bra.

1. If you haven't bought a bra in over a year, you need a new bra. You will find that they are very expensive when you get back out there in the market for a new bra, but you can also find one that is relatively inexpensive if you shop around.

2. If you have a special event coming up, you should get a new bra to go with your new outfit. The dress that you are wearing might require a new bra.

3. Have you discovered that you are pregnant? If you are you will definitely need a new bra. You will need a bra that provides you with plenty of support as your breast size increases.

4. The bra you are wearing isn't fitting right anymore. Bras can become stretched out and will not fit anymore over time. You might also have gained some weight and your bra is now uncomfortably tight. You should get yourself measured to determine the right size for your bra. You might be surprised at the size you should be wearing.

5. If you have been washing your bra in the washing machine you should probably replace it. You should only hand wash your bras. If you don't have the time you should at the very least get a lingerie bag for your bra. Bras that are hand washed and dried will need to be replaced more often than ones that are hand washed.

6. It's time for a new bra if you are constantly being poked in the side by the underwire. Your bra is torn and needs to be replaced. There is no need to feel this pain every time you wear this bra. Throw it away and get a new one.

7. When there are holes in your bra you must get a new one. This is a tiny little sign that your bra is worn out and needs to be thrown out.

8. If your bra does not have the same size as one that is labeled the same size in the store you need a new bra. This is a sign that your bra has become stretched out.

9. If you have gained or lost weight you should replace your bra. Your breast area will tend to gain and lose right along with you.

10. If you are just trying to spice up your look. A new bra is a wonderful way to feel great and spice up your wardrobe. It's nice to have a good quality pretty bra to wear under your clothes.

It isn't necessary to have a miserable time while you are shopping for a new bra. You can find one that will fit you perfectly if you take the time to find the right size for your bra. If you find one that fits perfectly, remember the brand and the size so that you can return for more when its time for another new one.

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